S.M. Arifuzzaman

Soft Skills Trainer

an Associate Professor and Head of School of Business at Canadian University of
Bangladesh, is one of the nation’s premier speaker on Leadership with the rare ability to share
exceptionally original thoughts that empower the individuals becoming their best versions.

Through his extensive teaching experiences of more than 13 years at all the five leading private
universities namely NSU, BRACU, IUB, EWU and AIUB he has been one of the leading inspiring
educators and thinkers of the country. He has published numerous articles on Investment, Education
and leadership in national dailies and he has been featured in the leading television channels on
several occasions.

After completing B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering from BUET he obtained French Govt. and
AIT financed Euro-Asian Dual Masters Degrees which includes Masters’ in Management in
Finance and Management from ESCP Europe, France and MBA from the Asian Institute of
Technology, Thailand.

Amazed by the incredible capacity of the human mind he has devoted his life to impact the lives of
millions. He has explored areas including: how people think; ways to measure the intellectual demand
of learning; how to generate successful change in organizations; innovation and creativity; leadership.
Arifuzzaman believes that youth of our country have a tremendous amount of potential for
entrepreneurial creativity, innovation and action. He wants to help them to unleash and channel their
energy for the good of the community, and groom them to become better leaders in the future.