Company Profile

Headman Academy

Headman Academy is a training institute, offers multiple range of skills development training, including, English Language,Public Speaking & Communication, Leadership & Team-building, Sales, Career-Development, Motivation, Personal Development, Public Policy & Decision Makingother related Soft Skills.

Our trainers have already became recognized for their performance in both home and abroad. Our trainings are notuniversal, rather customized according to the ‘Problem & Purpose’ of a specific industry.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help the company to achieve their desired goal by enabling them to eliminate their skill-gap. Wewant to add value to your journey by our enriched, practical, actionable and impactful contents with the help of ournationally and internationally acclaimed trainers.

Our Vision
Helping organizations to understand their ability and potentiality to create an inspiring presence in the world. Everydream deserves an impactful and sustainable journey. We want to cooperate the organizations to become bigger thantheir dream.

We can’t be the Best overnight, but we can ‘Be better than the Yesterday’.

Techniques and Methodologies

  • No attempt to make participants a PhD, rather a player
  • Easy to understand
  • Teaching through demonstration
  • Activity-based learning
  • Research from the Top universities and best companies
  • Pre-training assessment
  • Post-training assessment
  • Long-term progress tracking